Improving the Moving Experience

At CP2, our Managing Director and professional team have coordinated relocation efforts for hundreds of local families who have been temporarily or permanently displaced across the Chicago region.

Our organization has also worked directly with developers and property managers who are responsible for residents who qualify for The Uniform Relocation Act (URA) to ensure households are highly cared for, compensated, and relocated – whether the move is temporary or permanent. It’s critical that comparable housing is secured in accordance with URA standards and best practices, and at CP2, we know how to make this process a smooth and a successful one.

Our Relocation Services

  • Draft URA Regulated Relocation Plan

  • Downsizing and Organizing Training

  • Vendor (Packing, Moving) Coordination

  • Utility Transfer Coordination

  • Rental Payment Coordination

  • Moving Day Preparation Coordination

  • Moving Day Coordination

  • Home Search Options

  • Building Owner Coordination

  • Resident Transition Coaching

  • Tenant Council Liaison